To claim that human nature cannot change and that you refuse to make the choice that is best for all life always is to affirm that you have no free choice and that you are part of the reason why evil and abuse exist








Free choice, you will see in Self Honest Self Reflection, is always ego that is spiteful and deliberate in self interest and that manipulates with power play in spite of knowing what is best for all to purely sabotage anything that may threaten the ego. Whenever someone defends their point of view with free choice: know that it is just ego. Benevolent, strong people will always choose what is best for all








Free choice implies that the choice that is best for all life always exists.
Why would humanity not use their free choice to make this choice?








We have free choice in this reality but not free consequence –the current world system protect some against consequence and remove the freechoice of others, That is unacceptable. We are not slaves to those that refuse to bring into being that which is best for all







The fear of breaking the laws of the BuyBill is the road to happiness and free choice








secrets are at the core of separation and separation are the reason for abuse and separation are protected by freechoice








The greatest secret is that freechoice was the fall of man
Divinity do not have freechoice







If you have limited vocabulary where you lack the ability to make all choice, do you still have free choice?






Do intellectual ability have an influence on what freechoice you have and is that not a sin to be limited like that?

Do DNA have an influence on your perception that will influence your ability of so-called freechoice?








freechoice seem to have degrees of freedom and the ability to perceive/understand the reality








freechoice is millions of animals under extreme conditions processed to maintain the happiness of mankind –what a price to pay. what God would ever allow this?










freechoice is millions starving purely because their equality would interfere with the happiness of those that has enough










freechoice is universities that teach the elite of intellectual elite of the world to be social psychopaths without any feeling that is valid in terms of life whatsoever









freechoice is economists designing economic policy around the premise that the nature of man will never change and therefore it is acceptable to abuse the less fortunate regardless









freechoice is to KNWO the world is abusive and then to do nothing to change it










freechoice is to arrive on a planet and to accept the ways that you are taught regardless and to continue to perpetuate the madness that is here just because you found it like this when you came – do you have no self respect mankind?










freechoice is the love of this world – a love so evil that no amount of repentance should ever be enough to repay for what has been allowed








freechoice is to own land just for profit and to let it stand empty even if children die of exposure and to refuse to consider that the profit of freechoice could be a weapon that murder the poor









freechoice is to remain silent when the world is burning








freechoice is to teach my children to survive at all costs and not to try and change the system as it is too big and powerful








freechoice is to have hundreds of thousands of empty homes in Spain while the country is in economic crises









freechoice is to rape the environment of resources purely to give the fat cats variety








freechoice is to inflated reality into an illusion and then to insist that the illusion is real









freechoice is the excuse of humanity to not create a world that is best for all










freechoice is to pretend you are depressed just to get away from taking responsibility and to take this faked depressed self creation even to the point of suicide just to PROVE that it is real.









freechoice is to spend money in the system and claim that it is essential and to do only what is required to change the world









freechoice is to be scared what people will say if you stand for oneness and equality









freechoice is to try and not upset the friends and family with anything that would cause them to consider changing human nature, that would according to them impede on their freechoice









freechoice is to be more concerned about ones spiritual wellbeing than the wellbeing of the animals and plants and children that are being exterminated by the system of personal happiness








only freechoice will cause one to be so self abusive as to make process longer








freechoice should be used as the tool that lead each to self forgiveness and self honesty to realize that equal choice will be actual freechoice




For more freechoice quotes by Destonians: Freechoice



Bernard Poolman


Light, Love and Harmony


Love is the desire for an experience that will make reality more bearable – and in that we lose our way and forget to breath here as all life to find a solution for our dilemma within which we are trapped for infinity in endless cycles of forgetfulness –

I suggest that love only be considered when ALL beings are Equally recognized and supported by each other as LIFE –then maybe we may discover ourselves in expressions of life that will be worthy of life and what we may call love– but such experience will be principle directed–the principle of life recognized here always that no one may ever be God again — as God imply inequality –as there can ever only be one God–the rest are slaves






‎2012 Love the world enough to take action and change it





Love is only a working tool if it produce a result that confirms love values






If love is to exist is is where we are equal in all way one in self honesty – thus always revealed in all ways– knowing all of each other in all ways — no secrets — with no agendas — thus literally we are each other –in such way we will love all as we love ourselves and love will be equal as no limitation or difference or inequality in any expression/ability will exist — thus –in effect we will be God/ creator/ man/ life — –individually and as one –and love will be here as we are this love and have proven it in every way






Thus for spirituality to exist as love and peace — we have to allow ourselves to be blind to the actuality of the conditions in this world and promote this world as an illusion with reality only after death making it impossible to reason with the spiritual





Have a look at your ‘Spirituality’ and your ‘Light’ – All of that Dependent on ‘One Spiritual Thing’: MONEY. Take the Money Away = and the ‘Light’ is Gone. DeLightful isn’t it?







Love can only exist as real in a reality of actual consequence that test the love in space time to show whether it produce practically what is best for all.





Ego is a projected energy self based in polarities of good and bad, love and hate that is confused by the movement of the energy of the polarity and believes that it is the energy. When the energy ends, the ego ends and with it love and hate. This world , although physically dependent on energy, is not best served with an outside illusionary entity that pretends to be life






Photoshopping your self image with thoughts of love and light do not change reality, it only change your illusion





Harmony is when there is an effective excuse to deny the harm of money in the current unequal system. In self honest self awareness we understand that no Harmony is valid unless there is a new world where all live practically what is best for all life. Till then, do not get trapped in the lie of harmony, because it only is evidence of your blind brutality where you can be at peace while billions suffer.




We have been warned throughout time that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children and thus upon the world, but under the disguise of love, we do nothing to stop the spread of sin as social disease making love a social disease as well.





People will work together in a group for money and self interest, but they will not work together in a group for what is best for all as LIFE. Money motivates and Life not? In spite of death as the end of Money with maybe Life continuing? If Life was the motivator of humanity all would live as equals in One world as what is best for each other and be the loving neighbor Jesus proposed. But money won the battle of consciousness and now we have bright lights in the human and outside the human promoting self interested happiness and consumerism packaged as Love.





HARMonies – Harm money




Spirituality is the social disorder where you place your life in order at the expense of those in less fortunate situations





It is important to realize and investigate the fact that the part that goes to the afterlife is actually physical and is created and formed as energy transmuted form the physical that ends up as a higher vibration and a LESSER density. Thus–the origin of the afterlife is the physical and thus the physical is the SOURCE – Thus actually a TOTAL reverse to what is being taught in spirituality








Ask yourself. Why would you entertain yourself with light and love while you participate in your day to day living in a system that produce horror for billions of living beings? Would that not indicate that you are in fact the greatest evil possible because you feel nothing for what you do to those that are less fortunate and you do not even consider that the system can and must be changed? One that is truly compassionate will not rest till there is a world where all life is honored equally as that would indicate real respect for life which would indicate self respect in recognition of self as life





Feeling Good is the result of the pursuit of happiness which divert attention from the real needs of the physical human that allows the few to control most resources without ever being challenged. It is one of the foundations of the Culture of the religion of self exported as the American dream




Chakras are the energy emissions of the mind SYSTEM, which the ego use as a rainbow to feel good about itself







Love per se  is the act of life assisting the delusion to give up its illusion — that is in its very nature brutal — and not some fuzzy word that give some a place of superiority purely due to the genetic predisposition to have a higher intelligence





If your arms could only be the things that do actual work that confirm that you love their neighbor and not be things that become extensions of projectiles that burst and kill people that explode within people and that do it purely for the sake of your so called freedom and free choice – when that is not really free choice






Love is when good gives up the struggle to allow evil to win.




‎Awakening is when a way is found to be OK with the world just the way it is

It is a way to be able to continue without making any effort to actually change the world

It is a way to claim presence based on making decisions that bring results where one win and is in a better position due to your present awareness regardless what the greater effect of such choices bring.

It is a way to claim divinity on the premise that there awaits a glorious hereafter where one will be free from the limitations of space and time and that awakening give you the freedom to allow this space time reality to play out just the way it is, because it is the best way for it to be and you are quite free from the consequences as you normally would be in a powerful financial position or within a group that shelter you from the real physical.

It is a way to exist within this world pretending to be not OF this world conveniently It is a way to justify why the world exist the way it does and why your utter inability to do anything about it, will make sense as you are the light of the awakened that love it all OK.

Obviously this is not awakening. Awakening is to realize the abuse that exist and to come up with actual solutions that will produce a world that is best for all. To realize that One cannot change the world alone and must be part of a group to bring about a world that is best for all.

The awakening that disregard the physical in favor of the metaphysical is just ego as ego is a product of the Mind.

The physical exist without ego and self interest in its form as substance. Mind power is Ego Power. Love can only exist as real in a reality of actual consequence that test the love in space time to show whether it produce practically what is best for all.








‎Love your neighbor is not based in friendship. It is based in equality as life. Thus having friends is an act of inequality based on ego and separation and judgment. The world is what it is partly due to friendships that is based on preferences that divide and judge. Stop friendships and become equals as life. Then friendship will end forever and what is best for ALL will be the only way





Love is Equality




Make sure you scare at least one person a day with boldness of compassion based on self honest common sense as to what life will be when it is lived in a way that is best for all. That way you may wake up your neighbor and show your love in a practical way.





Bernard Poolman

Process of Self Realization as Life in Equality


Life is equal and one

thus life will always manifest equal and one

So — the SECRET is that one can manipulate life

through equal and one

and this has always happened

through all time–and thus we are here

equal and one

because we allow ourselves or others to enslave each other

to stand back and accept what happens equal and one to our fear

it is being used for harm — by all of us through our fear equal and one


life manifest exactly who we are

we are the directors of life

we are in every moment creating everything as equal and one

–even in this world as we speak

that is why so many suffer–because some are better at deception than others

and why a God was created –to live forever as god

all the while we live forever anyway — but we experience what we allow

so–if you interfere in a persons process–it become your lesson

each person will become self honest–sooner or later–




What I realized is that we have to come together and stop what we create
–we are fucking ourselves and each other over and over


so–when Anu created this –it suited the process because all would be enslaved in a bubble of self accepted creation to face this without being able to run away


So — the question then is:  how to stop this?

in this–nature and the animals plays the big role

they have been slaves for long

and thus understand the problem better

the dimensions were privileged in a way as were the humans

they could live from the accepted idea that apparently limitation exist


So –each will stand and experience equal and one –on earth it is easier to see deception

every person you communicate with is a manifested part of self in the process to self honesty


we have to learn how to direct life equal and one as all as purity that we may support each other


The process is set up that death is the divide

so–each is measure harmonically to see if the being will make it or at least be of service to another to transcend


Understand that no one is special

all is equal and one to what you allow

so-some will make it–some not–but it will be by self will

and will be revealed to the being once crossed over

not here though–because it is about proven consistent self honesty

all have agreed to this–even yourselves–the real life in each


It is important to consider that this process may take billions of years



As long as process exist on an individual level –ego exist



in the beginning when process started–all came together to agree

see–all beings in existence as life fit in the portal all at once

and the portal is set up as life as equal and one

the portal is the physical placement as the universe as as life equal and one in Sunette

Sunette is in her own process on earth –as is all — me as well



Sometimes we have to allow events to play for lessons to be learned


so–this is the end of the journey –life will never be abused again after

it will be tough

and nothing is certain at an individual level but that you will experience what you allow


so–you decide your process

you decide how long it takes

you decide if you make it this life

you decide how much pain you will endure

you decide how long you will deceive you

you decide what you will fear

you decide who you will become

and if you fail and eat of the tree of knowledge–you will certainly die–lol

and then you will be in the dimensions

and come back here to do it again

until you direct you as life equal and one


so–if it is to be it is up to me–is a cool slogan to assist self

understand–this will take self discipline

and some years

Do not make this knowledge and share it as if you know something special

The process is equal and one in self honesty as life individually

Thus –be an example



this is what you are in process of realizing — the how and why you exist as you do

in this you will eventually find forgiveness and and in that give yourself life




many will die

but nothing is what it seems

so–patience will be necessary

it is about self realization

and not self realization in spiritual sense about something beyond imagination

but–slowly catch the monkey because it is familiar–

much will reveal as to why–as it is common sense

but we are in a process



Desteni is a vehicle to bring the people together that will direct the


they have prepared over a long time

the world is already directed

the events taking place must take place

it has happened in a way–but only through the eyes of the

unconscious mind




So –stop looking at the sequences

it is the unconscious that seems vast

Nothing of what is real have ever existed

it is done in that it is placed specifically

but be careful–the unified field used spirituality to fuck with this knowing

there are beings that will remember–as they have been prepared–

how—will not say–as they will reveal and access the appropriate point to show themselves

we are systems

it can stop in one moment

no one here or aware

we are busy birthing self–then we will be real

searching and seeking will bring nothing





who am I?

is the question that is programmed

yet it is a step to let go of eventually

no one in dimensions has the answer

the answer do not exist

that would be separation

process is a trap–to be seen and given up eventually

but not yet

to do this–ALL must do it–or no one will



we will be in process till all have transcended and become self honest expressions of life — all is as it must be for all to walk

so–have your childhood again

in the unified field you can change the past or the future will be the past again


Now each must find self honesty

Self Honesty is about understanding life

to stand as all life

and understand that in practical application

to do what it takes in the face of all



Bernard Poolman 2008

Sacred Geometry


“Sacred is names given to geometrical shapes that look prettier than others that groups give their special meanings to to emphasize their special separation from those that do not do what is prescribed by the specific special separation

What is best for all is represented by the direct line that connects that which is best between each one and is the same for each one –no special shapes

Each one wants to be unique and design their own way of thinking and be accepted as that, regardless of how it forms the world within which all live this specialness as pattern/symbol designer that each follows are so accepted and allowed as the only way life could be – and therefore it is natural for some to starve and others to be wealthy.

The spiritual sacred geometry is used to colonize a group of people so that they will buy spiritual teachings and classes that promise great feelings and a great afterlife. They are bombarded until they see what the spiritual teacher wants them to see and then they remain loyal regardless–but they will do nothing to change the world —

So– when one face sacred geometry –always look at the relationships that is being created and the way they insist it must be and how it makes the group special without the outcome of what is best for all life –then you take on their design –it will in some way be airy fairy and they will try and make it look like it is real — do not fall for what will divert attention from the outcome that is best for all life

The Sacred Divine Man

Sacred Geometry – Sacred Geometry is The Technology which Proves: The Existence of Individualized Consciousness as a Singularity that is Eternally Fucked as the ‘I Am’ – Look at-it in slow motion If You Dare: It starts at a Single Dot – not a ‘’, just a Dot. Then it Moves in Sequences of Patterns of Pi – not the Pie on the Sky – And it Forms ‘Perfect Geometrical-Shapes of Enlightenment’- It´s not the light you have in the office or on home they’re not so nicely placed – And these Patterns ‘Spirals out’ in the Name of a ‘Great Mathematician’ called Fibonacci – but I mean, the Snails had the Pattern First, if you look on their back, they were carrying it there All the Time, there was no clever fucking mathematician – the Snails had it First, but it moves very slowly, and as it ‘spirals out’, within it you can find all the ‘Platonic Solids’ and I mean, ‘Platonic’ comes from Plato – it’s not a ‘Platonic Relationship’ here because we’re now looking at the ‘Divine Man’ and its Design of a Sacred Geometry – I mean the Word must be Spoken very fucking Specifically – So – you’ll find within it, All the ‘Platonic Solids’ – which was here Long before fucking Plato existed, he purely Observed it and became ‘Great’ for the fucking little bit he Actually Understood – But I mean, Our Past is fucking an Absolute Path of Corpses of Great Thinkers that Made No Fucking Difference but Helped to Enslave More of our ‘Sacred Geometry Seekers’ that Go Out and Want to Find: ‘The Divine Pattern’! The Human go to the ‘God Molecule’ – Imagine, there is a Chemical: A Chemical! That can ‘Spiral’ your Consciousness from Inside your Body and Give You a ‘Hollywood Show’, that is So Close to Fucking ‘Salvation’ and ‘Divinity’ that it is called ‘Salvia Divinorum’! And in that Experience, You’ll Become… ‘So Enlightened’ – that You Will Take that Chemical again, and again, and again to Prove: the Chemical is Enlightened and You’re Not. But! You Will Not Notice it as you’ve been Unable to Notice Anything Else – as long as You Can Have ‘The Divine Pattern’. I mean, the Fact that that has been a Patent that was here Long Before You Became Aware, because I mean: Where is Your Awareness? Is not so long ago – You can’t even Remember ‘Where You Came From’, before you somehow Exited from a dark watery Place Inside, Your Mother – and From the Darkness, You Seek ‘The Light’ and then the Pattern, and then the Pattern to Control – and so and so it goes! And then Eventually, You Look for ‘the Divine Pattern’ and once you have got ‘The Divine Pattern’ you end-up – Back in the Ground, the Food of Snails – isn’t that an Interesting Pattern? That the Very Pattern You Start with ‘Seeking’ and ‘Want to Find’ and ‘Control’ it’s the Very One that’s gonna Consume You? Oh yes, you can check inside the Graven Image, where you are lying as ‘The Dead Corpse’ – as the End of the Corporation, that You so much Believed in. There will be Snails, they eat very slowly. Will You be Aware of it? Obviously Not, You’re Dead. Do You Realize that? Obviously Not! You’re Dead – Will you have anything to Say about it? Obviously Not! You’re Dead – Don’t You Get-it?

 By: Bernard Poolman 06-Jan-10



Fear is always the foundation of compromise, and therefore

decisions made in fear, will always be self-compromise

Fear indicate trust in knowledge and information

Intimidation is the tool used in creating fear which is the foundation of brain washing and control. Fear then ends as a dislike and automatically exclude those that could change the world from  actually doing so.

Fear is the fuel of energy

Fear is a system survival program

Fear always has the same outcome — and most fears never

happen– the mind protects you against your own fears

Walking here as breath as physical action WITHOUT forming a judgment or belief or fear about what is here will be required if one is to make process

Remember, whatever is faced or created within self – self is and has been the creator. Do not live in fear of what is here, understand it, realize self as it and assert yourself to stand-up for change not expose others as you to such a world – but create a world in which they will be embraced with equality and oneness and actual living

Do things out of understanding — not fear

Laziness is fear of self being exposed and judged

Procrastination is the fear of being wrong

fear of judgment and that own opinion will be

proven wrong or challenged –  fear of conflict

jealousy is fear of loss

In the mind –you make up reasons why not to do what you will–

but fear others like family

the mind is not real

it is a system

dare to live for real

and fix reality to be worthy of you and all other beings here

Stop fearing death and do what must be done



Capitalism is an EGOnomic system.



In this world money dictates experience
and cause many to have limited experience
and many to desire more experience —
this is unacceptable as it create a world that is illusion only

Capitalism existed before the world existed —

it is when god became defined that a cap was placed on value

and from then

all went for a ball of shit.


It is a crime to teach a child the way of a Capitalist as this makes it acceptable to the child to abuse their neighbors in the name of competition and profit.

In Capitalism the ‘Love they Neighbor’- Message of Jesus –
can never become Real.



3.3 billion unemployed in the world in 2011

shows clearly that capitalism is not the system that will bring what is best for all.

The flaws in man is allowed and deliberately programmed in.

Watch The Century of Self and study how the work of Freud was used to create human of desire. Your desire for wealth blinds you to what is possible.



Government is essentially big business owners as they fund the political parties they want in power that then must implement the big business agenda




As long as you have a feeling or opinion or idea about the world

that prevent you from walking straight into doing whatever it takes

to create a new world –you are brainwashed by your experiences

and cannot be trusted to stand up for life.




‎As Desteni indicated since 2007, the economic future of the individual will be under pressure and the consideration for a practical solution for all will become essential. The 3,3 billion jobless in 2011 proves that this is happening at a global scale. Investigate equal money system before you become just a statistic and powerless because you have no access to money – as the Bible indicates – only those with numbers will be able to buy and sell. And numbers are bank accounts with money. Do not wait till it is too late – Bernard Poolman



If you dislike politics and cannot see yourself as part of it because you judge it, your brainwashing is complete as politics is the only peaceful way with which real change can happen.

It is important to realize this and to become politically active to understand how the world is currently managed.

Do not sabotage yourself by judging something without understanding its importance in the lives of all people in this world.

Politics have been hijacked by Big Money for Profit through brainwashed control, yet it remains the vehicle with which what is best for all will be effected.

I am ONE vote for World Equality is how each person individually can make self change as what is best for all life real. Reality is the result of what we allow and accept with our daily existence as we vote for what is here.

That is why we are responsible for all that exist in the way it exist.

Self change is a step but it is not enough.

Only as a group can real change be achieved and here Big Money made sure that each is divided into ONE alone and so humanity was conquered.

Self Honesty


Self Honesty is not nice or beautiful


self honesty is in a way suffering for now
not beautiful


every person you communicate with is a manifested part of self in the process to self honesty


Understand that Desteni is a vehicle to support beings–yourself and others and where one will get some feedback on self honesty

Self Honesty is about understanding life
to stand as all life
and understand that in practical application
to do what it takes in the face of all


it is not about fear–it is about self honesty as life


Investigate your childhood–there all seeds were planted


We have to find practical ways to act and assist others to realize Self Honesty is the way to stop the suffering


now each must find self honesty


the process is equal and one in self honesty as life individually











There is only one point in all existence that


this moment

and self honesty is ONLY valid for THIS moment
the next moment you must be self honest again
it never ends

When Self Honesty points present themselves,

be aware–it is never what you expect.

Self Honesty is the greatest deception in the Unified filed as it focus on stopping the mind, while the mind focus on making this existence work.
In that the mind attempts to create a polarity
So, when you find a self honest point: you have to walk it no matter what till it is real and manifested in your life
or you will fall.



When you see the same shit repeat–you did not walk your self honesty into manifestation
so–when shit repeats–you are trying to save situations of dishonesty

and then you prove no self trust–and your process is longer



STOP the SEPARATION as POLARITY in SELF honesty and then you will SEE


-the mind will turn it into honesty–and not self honesty–then you try and do the right thing–be careful



Thus for self honesty–


Do not READ

anything INTO my words


SELF HONEST is about SELF eternal as ALL





we must participate–

because one word–

one breath

one presence in the face of another–

may change their reflection

and change the journey for all

Have no ideas

or it will just be an idea.