Capitalism is an EGOnomic system.



In this world money dictates experience
and cause many to have limited experience
and many to desire more experience —
this is unacceptable as it create a world that is illusion only

Capitalism existed before the world existed —

it is when god became defined that a cap was placed on value

and from then

all went for a ball of shit.


It is a crime to teach a child the way of a Capitalist as this makes it acceptable to the child to abuse their neighbors in the name of competition and profit.

In Capitalism the ‘Love they Neighbor’- Message of Jesus –
can never become Real.



3.3 billion unemployed in the world in 2011

shows clearly that capitalism is not the system that will bring what is best for all.

The flaws in man is allowed and deliberately programmed in.

Watch The Century of Self and study how the work of Freud was used to create human of desire. Your desire for wealth blinds you to what is possible.



Government is essentially big business owners as they fund the political parties they want in power that then must implement the big business agenda




As long as you have a feeling or opinion or idea about the world

that prevent you from walking straight into doing whatever it takes

to create a new world –you are brainwashed by your experiences

and cannot be trusted to stand up for life.




‎As Desteni indicated since 2007, the economic future of the individual will be under pressure and the consideration for a practical solution for all will become essential. The 3,3 billion jobless in 2011 proves that this is happening at a global scale. Investigate equal money system before you become just a statistic and powerless because you have no access to money – as the Bible indicates – only those with numbers will be able to buy and sell. And numbers are bank accounts with money. Do not wait till it is too late – Bernard Poolman


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