If you dislike politics and cannot see yourself as part of it because you judge it, your brainwashing is complete as politics is the only peaceful way with which real change can happen.

It is important to realize this and to become politically active to understand how the world is currently managed.

Do not sabotage yourself by judging something without understanding its importance in the lives of all people in this world.

Politics have been hijacked by Big Money for Profit through brainwashed control, yet it remains the vehicle with which what is best for all will be effected.

I am ONE vote for World Equality is how each person individually can make self change as what is best for all life real. Reality is the result of what we allow and accept with our daily existence as we vote for what is here.

That is why we are responsible for all that exist in the way it exist.

Self change is a step but it is not enough.

Only as a group can real change be achieved and here Big Money made sure that each is divided into ONE alone and so humanity was conquered.

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