Sacred Geometry


“Sacred is names given to geometrical shapes that look prettier than others that groups give their special meanings to to emphasize their special separation from those that do not do what is prescribed by the specific special separation

What is best for all is represented by the direct line that connects that which is best between each one and is the same for each one –no special shapes

Each one wants to be unique and design their own way of thinking and be accepted as that, regardless of how it forms the world within which all live this specialness as pattern/symbol designer that each follows are so accepted and allowed as the only way life could be – and therefore it is natural for some to starve and others to be wealthy.

The spiritual sacred geometry is used to colonize a group of people so that they will buy spiritual teachings and classes that promise great feelings and a great afterlife. They are bombarded until they see what the spiritual teacher wants them to see and then they remain loyal regardless–but they will do nothing to change the world —

So– when one face sacred geometry –always look at the relationships that is being created and the way they insist it must be and how it makes the group special without the outcome of what is best for all life –then you take on their design –it will in some way be airy fairy and they will try and make it look like it is real — do not fall for what will divert attention from the outcome that is best for all life

The Sacred Divine Man

Sacred Geometry – Sacred Geometry is The Technology which Proves: The Existence of Individualized Consciousness as a Singularity that is Eternally Fucked as the ‘I Am’ – Look at-it in slow motion If You Dare: It starts at a Single Dot – not a ‘’, just a Dot. Then it Moves in Sequences of Patterns of Pi – not the Pie on the Sky – And it Forms ‘Perfect Geometrical-Shapes of Enlightenment’- It´s not the light you have in the office or on home they’re not so nicely placed – And these Patterns ‘Spirals out’ in the Name of a ‘Great Mathematician’ called Fibonacci – but I mean, the Snails had the Pattern First, if you look on their back, they were carrying it there All the Time, there was no clever fucking mathematician – the Snails had it First, but it moves very slowly, and as it ‘spirals out’, within it you can find all the ‘Platonic Solids’ and I mean, ‘Platonic’ comes from Plato – it’s not a ‘Platonic Relationship’ here because we’re now looking at the ‘Divine Man’ and its Design of a Sacred Geometry – I mean the Word must be Spoken very fucking Specifically – So – you’ll find within it, All the ‘Platonic Solids’ – which was here Long before fucking Plato existed, he purely Observed it and became ‘Great’ for the fucking little bit he Actually Understood – But I mean, Our Past is fucking an Absolute Path of Corpses of Great Thinkers that Made No Fucking Difference but Helped to Enslave More of our ‘Sacred Geometry Seekers’ that Go Out and Want to Find: ‘The Divine Pattern’! The Human go to the ‘God Molecule’ – Imagine, there is a Chemical: A Chemical! That can ‘Spiral’ your Consciousness from Inside your Body and Give You a ‘Hollywood Show’, that is So Close to Fucking ‘Salvation’ and ‘Divinity’ that it is called ‘Salvia Divinorum’! And in that Experience, You’ll Become… ‘So Enlightened’ – that You Will Take that Chemical again, and again, and again to Prove: the Chemical is Enlightened and You’re Not. But! You Will Not Notice it as you’ve been Unable to Notice Anything Else – as long as You Can Have ‘The Divine Pattern’. I mean, the Fact that that has been a Patent that was here Long Before You Became Aware, because I mean: Where is Your Awareness? Is not so long ago – You can’t even Remember ‘Where You Came From’, before you somehow Exited from a dark watery Place Inside, Your Mother – and From the Darkness, You Seek ‘The Light’ and then the Pattern, and then the Pattern to Control – and so and so it goes! And then Eventually, You Look for ‘the Divine Pattern’ and once you have got ‘The Divine Pattern’ you end-up – Back in the Ground, the Food of Snails – isn’t that an Interesting Pattern? That the Very Pattern You Start with ‘Seeking’ and ‘Want to Find’ and ‘Control’ it’s the Very One that’s gonna Consume You? Oh yes, you can check inside the Graven Image, where you are lying as ‘The Dead Corpse’ – as the End of the Corporation, that You so much Believed in. There will be Snails, they eat very slowly. Will You be Aware of it? Obviously Not, You’re Dead. Do You Realize that? Obviously Not! You’re Dead – Will you have anything to Say about it? Obviously Not! You’re Dead – Don’t You Get-it?

 By: Bernard Poolman 06-Jan-10